Have you ever dreamed of being able to enter a library, pick any Latin writing out of the shelves, and read* it?
(*I mean read, not translate!)

Good news: you can get to that point, and I'm here to show you how to make the first step
(no matter how new you are to the study of Latin).
Request the free class and READ Catulli carmen III with me.

What you get:

Here's what students who already took this free class are saying:

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Your three stages method for reading an ancient text is just unbelievable. Thank you so much for that!
Jamie(PhD candidate, UK)
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With your three tiered reading, I have understood the poem in Latin better than I ever did when I had been studying Latin for seven years straight!
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Working up from the highly simplified version (which I could mostly read, as opposed to translate) to the original made it possible to understand the original in a way I certainly couldn't have by looking at the straight text with some kind of commentary. Thank you for doing that.
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Hanc lectionem videre et auscultare multum mihi placuit. Gratias tibi ago!
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I love your videos! It's magical to hear AND understand Latin!
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I really appreciated the video which came yesterday, which gave me a teacher (you) to guide me through the poem. I understood virtually everything that you said and by the time I finished listening to your lesson, I felt I really had read and understood the poem! I never dreamed that I would be able to read a Latin poem (I always thought it would require more years of Latin than I would ever get through) so I have a smile on my face! This material and the way you have presented it turns out to be perfect for my present level of Latin. Again, I cannot thank you enough for doing this!
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This is one of the rare subscriptions that I really enjoy reading.
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First time, I understand something in spoken Latin. Primum tempus intelligo quid latine.

The Catullus video was truly incredible, I never thought I had any chance to read and understand a real Latin poem by a real Roman so I was not sure but after reading the poem I understood bits and pieces, words but not the full context, after watching the video however it became clear as day for me. The whole experience was enjoyable, your explanations in Latin were simple yet clear and easy to hear and grasp and I couldn't pull my eyes from my screen. I kept rewinding it because I didn't want it to end so soon. Lots of new words to my vocabulary and new insight into Roman culture. Maxima gratias tibi ago, optime magistra.

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