A free course to discover the beauty of Latin texts... in their original version!

De morte Plinii is a tasting experience for beginners, in easily spoken Latin. You'll be gradually lead to read – and actually understand! – the famous letter where Pliny the Younger describes his uncle's death during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD

De morte Plinii

When you’re a beginner, you don’t usually get the chance to read real Latin literature.
This can be frustrating, and it’s often the reason why many Latin learners give up in the early stages, missing out on an incredible treasure of Latin texts. Just because they didn’t find a teacher, a book, or a course that really took them by their hand, just as every beginner student would need and deserve.

My approach is beginner-friendly and highly rewarding from day 1.

Thanks to my 3-levels reading method, you’ll be able to taste a text that’s usually considered advanced without much effort and with the feeling that you really understand what you’re reading. Just how much depends on your starting level, but I promise that you’ll get at least a taste of the text, no matter how beginner you are!

If you think you can't do it... be prepared to change your mind!

Just finished the first lesson today and it was amazing, I didn't think I'd be able to understand 30 minutes of Latin but your advice to not focus on the words but the whole thing was great and I understood at least 90 per cent of what you said. You make learning Latin truly exciting, fun and deeply rewarding.

I came to this with no formal background in Latin, but I had picked up bits and pieces over the years. It was quite a challenge but worth the effort, and actually fun. The exercises were good. I think I answered about 70% correctly.

I've watched the three lessons and I enjoyed them. I'm a beginner, but I understood almost everything. I'm doing the exercises now, and I'll join you into the workshop later. Thank you for your work and your enthusiasm!

I watched all the 3 lessons and I was extremely surprised... because for the first time in my life I have understood more while listening to the words than reading the text. This is a miracle for me!

How does this free course work?

De morte Plinii begins on Thursday, February 9. When you sign up through the form below, you’ll receive three video lessons and an invitation to join the fourth and last one, streamed live. Here’s the schedule:

(Thursday, Feb. 9)

First video lesson, in which we'll be reading lectio simplicissima, the first and most simplified version I prepared based on Pliny's Epistula VI, 16. You'll be able to download a Workbook with some simple exercises.

(Friday, Feb. 10)

Second video lesson, in which we'll be reading lectio simplex, a slightly more difficult version of the same text. Again, you'll be able to download a Workbook and complete the excercises.

(Saturday, Feb. 11)

Third video lesson, in which we'll be reading lectio originalis, the original version of the text (yay!), with a downloadable Workbook with exercises based on the original version.

(Monday, Feb. 13)

The last lesson's a live Workshop! We'll meet on Monday, 13 at 20:30 (Italy time) to correct your exercises together and discuss about them. Also... there'll be a special opportunity for some of you to join my beginner Latin program! This will be an interactive lesson, so the best would be to attend the live stream. But if it's impossible for you, no worries: the lesson will be recorded!




Salve, I’m Irene, founder of Satura Lanx. I’m an Italian Classical Philologist and Latin teacher, and my mission is to make the beauty of the Latin language and literature available to as many people as possible.

And all that with confidence and joy, reading texts from the very beginning and seeing tangible results since the early stages of the process.

I can’t wait to lead you to taste this text from one of the most incredible Latin authors in its original version – and feel the pleasure of actually understanding it!


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