What if you could read (not translate)
the first letter to Lucilius, by Seneca,
in its original version?

I'm very excited to invite you to the most amazing free course I've ever created — the first edition last May was so successful I had to offer it again before the end of 2021. Thanks to this course, specifically crafted for beginners, you will read, and actually understand, one of the most famous letters by Seneca...

Here are some of the comments I received after the first edition of this course:

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Thanks a lot for your Seneca class, and for making me see that I can really learn Latin! I thought it was impossible...
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The course was impressive and definitely worth it! I enjoyed listening to your videos and I made notes and I really feel like I learnt a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time now but despite this I wanted to take part of this course and I’m very happy that I did. You are doing an excellent job, thank you for your time and guidance 🙏
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Thank you very much for the free course! I really enjoyed it. I very much appreciate the effort you have put into this. You are making a big difference to people like me. Your method is amazing and it will help many more Latin learners.
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I really liked the energy generated by your Seneca class!! Though I felt I was not able to understand a lot, I loved what came from it and by the end I learned more than I thought I would. It is still early in my Latin journey but I am already looking forward to being able to go into the next book, Roma Aeterna 😄 Mille gratias!
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Dear Irene, Thank you so much for this opportunity to hear, read and learn latin, like you mentioned there are not so many resources and in the way you explained the text is incredible and makes it really easy to understand. I will watch the videos today again and will try to understand and learn new words. Thank you again for the whole work! See you tomorrow, Ecaterina
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Hi Irene, I've watched the three lessons and I enjoyed them. I'm a beginner, but I understood almost evertything. I'm doing the exercises now, and I'll join you into the workshop later. Thank you for your work and your enthusiasm!

When you are a beginner, you don't usually have the chance to taste real Latin literature.
This can be frustrating, and it might even be the reason why many promising students give up (missing out on an incredible treasure of Latin texts).
Just because they didn't find a teacher, a book, or a course that really took them by their hand, just as every beginner student would need and deserve.

With this free course, I try to fill this gap. Thanks to my 3-levels reading method, you'll be able to taste a text that is usually considered advanced, without much effort and with your feeling that you really understand what you're reading (just how much depends on your starting level, but I promise that anyone, even complete beginners, will taste at least something of the deepest essence of the text). So, let's get started!

How does this free course work?

You can’t even imagine how excited I am to finally invite you to the most amazing free course I’ve ever created (former participants can guarantee)! The course is completely free and will be live from Tuesday, November 9th to Monday, November 15th. Once registered, you’ll get these video lessons directly in your inbox:

(Tuesday, November 9th)

First video lesson: introduction to the course, some information about Seneca and the text you're going to read and set up for your success (how to make the most out of any Latin text, with pre-reading exercises).

(Thursday, November 11th)

Second video lesson: you'll be reading with me lectio simplicissima, a simplified version of the letter by Seneca I prepared for you. I'll also ask you to complete some exercises from the workbook, to dive even deeper into the text.

(Saturday, November 13th)

Third video lesson, where you'll be reading with me lectio simplex, the intermediate version I prepared on the same text. After watching the lesson, I'll ask you to complete the exercises in the workbook.

(Monday, November 15th)

Live workshop at 20:30 CET: during this special lesson, you'll finally read the lectio originalis, the orginal version of Seneca's letter. This will be an interactive lesson, and also an amazing event with plenty of opportunities and surprises for you.

(Access to the Telegram group)

You'll be invited to join an exclusive Telegram group I created only for this course, where you can practice your Latin, share your progress and boost your motivation thanks to a community of Latin learners. And there's even more to it, because after some of the lessons we'll meet in the group, transform it in a voice chat and interact together, doing additional exercises and reflecting on the text (something never seen before!).

Here is some feedback from the amazing members of the chat in the past edition:

Are you ready?

Salve, I’m Irene, founder of Satura Lanx. I’m an Italian Classical Philologist and teacher (and also many other things…). I love languages, Latin in particular, and I think it is my mission to make it available to as many people as possible. That’s why I’m constantly striving to make myself a better teacher.

Anyone can learn Latin with incredible joy and satisfaction, see tangible results and be able to access some of the most beautiful from of the classical (and post-classical) literature, even from the earliest steps of the process… all that, provided that they use the right approach.

I can’t wait to lead you to taste this text from one of my favorite Latin authors in its original version – and feel the pleasure of actually understanding it!

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