I'm very excited to invite you to the farewell edition
of the most appreciated of my Latin courses,
Tempus tantum nostrum est.

During this hybrid learning experience (live May 14-20) you will read, and actually understand, the first of Seneca's letters to Lucilius in its original language.

The course is suitable for any level of Latin, including beginner.
So if you appreciate the content I share on the web, and are interested in going further, you owe it to yourself to try (after all, it's free!).

Be prepared to surprise yourself!

We both know that the early stages of learning Latin can be overwhelming, frustrating and boring: there’s so much to learn, so many pieces of literature you’d like to read…

But when will you be able to read them? Is it even possible to read Latin? The road to Latin proficiency can look particularly long, bumpy and lonely… 😥

Trust me, I get you.

And… I have good news! 🥳 Even if someone may have tried really hard to persuade you of the contrary, learning Latin is not only completely doable: the road to reading Classics by yourself can be fun, engaging and much shorter and easier than you think!

With this free course I’d like to give you a sneak peek into what’s possible: thanks to my 3-level reading approach you’ll be able to make your way into a text that’s usually considered advanced, without much effort and with the confidence that you’re really understanding what you’re reading. (Just how much you actually understand depends on your starting level and background, but I promise that anyone, even complete beginners, will get away with a solid grasp of the text, a fresh approach to reading Latin and a boost 🚀 in their Latin journey.)

Sounds good? If you want a taste of this bliss, and read Seneca’s first letter to Lucilius in the original version, sign up for the free course that’s starting on Tuesday, May 14!

Tempus tantum nostrum est will show you a new approach to Latin texts, one that trains you to think in Latin and sets you up for success.


This course is completely free and suitable to any level of Latin. How can this be, you’re wondering? I promise you’ll get something away from Tempus tantum nostrum est, whatever your current level is!

✅ If you’re a complete beginner, I’ll show you that your can dream big, and the best way to achieve your dreams.

Although I am a novice (Familia Romana, capitulum III) I enjoyed hearing the rhythm of the language and was surprised how much I understood from cognates and context.

✅ If you’re in the beginner spectrum (upper or lower), you’ll get a first taste of the Aeneid in the original version and actually understand what you’re reading + you’ll learn how to approach any Latin text.

I have rarely seen an approach that had such immediate effects: you made me understand Seneca's letter with minimal effort and that boosted my confidence in learning more about Latin literature.

✅ If you’re an intermediate or advanced learner, you’ll read a really famous text and enrich your Latin vocabulary + you’ll learn how to approach any Latin text in the future.

With your three tiered reading, I have understood the poem in Latin better than I ever did when I had been studying Latin for seven years straight!

✅ And if you’re a Latin teacher, you’ll see that it’s possible to transition to teaching Latin in an active, communicative way… and that you already have those active skills somewhere inside you!

I can tell you that your videos have been a tremendous help to me. I am understanding the Latin better than ever before, and you have revolutionized my teaching. Watching you teach material I already knew with techniques I had struggled to comprehend made the techniques come alive. Thank you. Finally my students are showing the sorts of success I have been struggling to achieve.


When you sign up through the form below, you get 3 (asynchronous) video lessons starting Tuesday, May 14th, and an invitation to join the fourth and final class of the course (live Monday 20th + recording available for those who are registered).


⏰  Tuesday, May 14

You’ll get to know Seneca and his Epistulae Morales. I’ll also explain everything about how this course works and set you up for success with some pre-reading exercises.


⏰  Thursday, May 16

You’ll be reading an ultra simplified, beginner-friendly version of Seneca’s letter. Once the class is over, I’ll ask you to complete the worksheet of the day.


⏰  Saturday, May 18

With this lesson, we dive deeper into the text! You’ll be reading a slightly more advanced version of the same letter to Lucilius. Once the class is over, I’ll ask you to complete the worksheet of the day.


⏰  Monday, May 20

During the final Workshop, you’ll finally read Seneca’s letter in the original version. Get ready to be amazed at your own ability to read Latin! I’ll be LIVE at 20:30 Italy time and the class will be recorded, but join us live if you can: you’ll be able to interact real-time and, at the end, I’ll make an unmissable offer to join my course GLL in its renewed version! 🚀


🎁  Private Telegram group

You’ll be invited to join a Telegram chat I created only for this course, where you’ll be able to practice your Latin, share your progress and boost your motivation thanks to a community of Latin learners. And there’s more to it: the day after each lesson we’ll meet in the group, transform it in a voice chat and interact together, doing additional exercises and reflecting on the text. 

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Thanks a lot for your Seneca class, and for making me see that I can really learn Latin! I thought it was impossible...
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The course was impressive and definitely worth it! I enjoyed listening to your videos and I made notes and I really feel like I learnt a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time now but despite this I wanted to take part of this course and I’m very happy that I did. You are doing an excellent job, thank you for your time and guidance 🙏
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Thank you very much for the free course! I really enjoyed it. I very much appreciate the effort you have put into this. You are making a big difference to people like me. Your method is amazing and it will help many more Latin learners.
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I really liked the energy generated by your Seneca class!! Though I felt I was not able to understand a lot, I loved what came from it and by the end I learned more than I thought I would. It is still early in my Latin journey but I am already looking forward to being able to go into the next book, Roma Aeterna 😄 Mille gratias!
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Dear Irene, Thank you so much for this opportunity to hear, read and learn latin, like you mentioned there are not so many resources and in the way you explained the text is incredible and makes it really easy to understand. I will watch the videos today again and will try to understand and learn new words. Thank you again for the whole work! See you tomorrow, Ecaterina
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Hi Irene, I've watched the three lessons and I enjoyed them. I'm a beginner, but I understood almost evertything. I'm doing the exercises now, and I'll join you into the workshop later. Thank you for your work and your enthusiasm!



Salve, I’m Irene, founder of Satura Lanx. I’m an Italian Classical Philologist and Latin teacher, and my mission is to make the beauty of the Latin language and literature available to as many people as possible.

And all that with confidence and joy, reading texts from the very beginning and seeing tangible results since the early stages of the process.

I can’t wait to lead you to taste this text from one of the most incredible Latin authors in its original version – and feel the pleasure of actually understanding it!


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