Have you ever dreamed of being able to enter a library, pick any Latin writing out of the shelves, and read* it?
(*I mean read, not translate!)


This is my challenge for you:

...will you be able to read Catullus, no matter how beginner you are in the study of Latin?

Here is what students who took the first edition of this course are saying:

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Thank you very much for this wonderful course. I am very happy to have reached the third and easily understand the original Catullus XIII. Mihi valde placet. I look forward to the workshop this evening.
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The course was impressive and definitely worth it! I enjoyed listening to your videos and I made notes and I really feel like I learnt a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time now but despite this I wanted to take part of this course and I’m very happy that I did. You are doing an excellent job, thank you for your time and guidance.
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Thank you for presenting this free course. I came to this with no formal background in Latin, but I had picked up bits and pieces over the years. It was quite a challenge but worth the effort, and actually fun. The exercises were good. I think I answered about 70% correctly.
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Thank you very much for that very interesting course on Catulls poem! Your 3-step-method is great and getting everything presented in Latin is exciting.
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Volebam tantum tibi gratias agere propter cursum. Est optimus!! Iam feci pensa I et II et expecto gaudens carmen originale cras. Gratias tibi!
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Hi Irene, I've watched the three lessons and I enjoyed them. I'm a beginner, but I understood almost evertything. I'm doing the exercises now, and I'll join you into the workshop later. Thank you for your work and your enthusiasm!

When you are a beginner, you don't usually get the chance to read real Latin literature.
For many students, this can be frustrating, and it's often the reason why they give up (missing out on an incredible treasure of Latin texts).
Just because they didn't find a teacher, a book, or a course that really took them by their hand, just as every beginner student would need and deserve.

With this free course, I try to fill this gap. Thanks to my 3-levels reading method, you'll be able to taste a text that is usually considered advanced, without much effort and with your feeling that you really understand what you're reading (just how much depends on your starting level, but I promise that anyone, even complete beginners, will taste at least something of the deepest essence of the text).


Vocatio ad cenam 2.0 is a video course for beginners, 100% in easily spoken Latin. The course is completely free and the lessons will be released daily from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st. Once registered, you’ll get these video lessons directly in your inbox:

(Wednesday, May 18th)

First video lesson: you'll be reading with me lectio simplicissima, a simplified version of the poem by Catullus I prepared for you. I'll also ask you to complete some exercises from the workbook, to dive deeper into the text.

(Thursday, May 19th)

Second video lesson, where you'll be reading with me lectio simplex, the intermediate version I prepared on the same text. After watching the lesson, I'll ask you to complete the exercises in the workbook.

(Friday, May 20th)

Third video lesson, in which we'll be reading lectio originalis, the original version of the text (yay!), with exercises based on the original version.

(Saturday, May 21st)

Live Workshop at 20:30 CEST: I'll share what I identified to be The 4 Pillars (Fundamenta) of an effective Latin learning, putting ink on (virtual) paper all the elements that made it possible for you to really understand the poem we read together + special opportunity for those who'd like to keep learning with me. 🚀

(Access to the Telegram group)

Private Telegram group to meet the other participants, receive my correction of the daily exercises and ask me questions about the course.

So... will you join us?

Salve, I’m Irene, founder of Satura Lanx. I’m an Italian Classical Philologist and teacher (and also many other things…). I love languages, Latin in particular, and I think it is my mission to make it available to as many people as possible. That’s why I’m constantly striving to make myself a better teacher.

Anyone can learn Latin with incredible joy and satisfaction, see tangible results and be able to access some of the most beautiful from of the classical (and post-classical) literature, even from the earliest steps of the process… all that, provided that they use the right approach.

I can’t wait to lead you to taste this text from one of the most incredible Latin authors in its original version – and feel the pleasure of actually understanding it!

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