A free course to discover the beauty of Latin texts... in their original version!

This is a guided tour for beginners, that will gradually lead you to read - and actually understand! - a famous poem by Catullus, where he invites one of his friends to dinner.
Are you ready?

How does this free course work?

Vocatio ad cenam is a free course, 100% in easy spoken Latin. The course starts on Wednesday, January 13th. Once you are registered (which you can do by filling in the form below), you will receive the following emails:

Dies 1 (Wednesday, January 13th): first video lesson, in which we’ll be reading the first and most simplified version of the poem (Carmen XIII by Catullus). You will be able to download a worksheet with some simple exercises.

Dies 2 (Thursday, January 14th): second video lesson, in which we’ll be reading a slightly more difficult version of the same text. Again, you will be able to download a worksheet with some excercises.

Dies 3 (Friday, January 15th): third video lesson, in which we’ll be reading the original version of the text (yay!), with downloadable worksheet based on the original version.

Dies 4 (Saturday, January 16th): final Workshop (live with me!) at 21 CET (verify here the corresponding time in your area!). During the Workshop, we’ll correct your exercises, discuss about them together and… play a surprise game in Latin. Make sure not to miss it! 😊

Salve, I’m Irene, founder of Satura Lanx. I live in Tuscany (Italy) with my husband Giovanni and our baby daughter Maddalena.

I’m a teacher, I love languages and Latin in particular, and I strongly believe that anyone can learn it, and also have fun, see tangible results and be able to access some of the most beautiful texts of classical (and post-classical) literature, even from the earliest steps of the process… all that, provided that they use the right approach.

I can’t wait to lead you to taste Latin poetry in its original version – and feel the pleasure of actually understanding it!

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